5 Top reasons for droopy eyelids and how to correct them!

In everyday life we come across many people who have a droopy eyelid or you can say hooded eye clinically which is known as ptosis which further has many forms But lets just stick to a droopy eyelid here and see what can be done to correct it.

What are the causes for Droopy eyelids?

  • It Could be due to injury or a stretch in ligament
  • A Nerve Damage connecting the eye ligament
  • It could be due to age
  • an eye surgery gone wrong or got into complications
  • some Botox injections Side effect

How to Prevent a Droopy Eyelid?

With Some Causes it gets difficult To Prevent like if its due to ageing it cannot be prevented it has to come but then their are certain surgical procedures which can give some support but eventually will come up with its own complications as well

But Yes As Prevention is Better Than Cure! Well Said, We can Avoid Rubbing our eyes much keep them clean and Take Care of Eye Health Regularly Plus if we can avoid wearing contact lenses it will also certainly help somehow in slowing down the process to some extent

if ptosis is congenital them more likely chances are that it will come back even after surgical procedures in that case you would need help from some cosmetic solution such as contours Rx

The Solution

Eyelid Tapes are cheap Yet Effective solution for Ptosis or droopy eyelids. it has no side effects as compared to other solutions which are either expensive or have adverse effects along them.

Eyelid Tapes are douple sided Tapes Shaped exactly the size of your eyelid that sticks your upper and lower part of eyelid together to hold it up

  • it is easy to use works perfect with all kind of ptosis and droopy eyelids and positively solves all the problems
  • It is Easy To Apply and cost effective
  • Everyone can afford it
  • Non Surgical
  • Use it according to Situation as whenever Needed

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